Jumaat, 20 Mac 2009

CONTACT (A Contemporary Dance Performance)

Title: CONTACT (A Contemporary Dance Performance)

Date/Time: Sat 21th March 2009 (8.30 pm) and Sun 22nd March 2009 (3.00 pm)

Venue: Panggung Bandaraya, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur.

Admission: by donation RM 10

Contact person: Siti (03-7967 7079) or Mira (013-210 2470) 0r Raja (017-299 2499)Choreographer: Mr. Leng Poh Gee (tutor in Cultural Centre, UM)

Synopsis: Encountering performative dialogues between students and teachers are actualized in tertiary dance education, when students become collaborators and performers. New Ideas and opposing opinions sourced from invaluable skills of young dancers and choreographers precipitate impetuously into bodily and emotional dancescapes conjured by the mentor.

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